Let’s stop the competition now – or we will both be losers….

There will always be someone better than you
Even if you’re the best
So let’s stop the competition now
Or we will both be losers

And I’m ashamed I ever tried to be higher than the rest
But brother I am not alone
We’ve all tried to be on top of the world somehow
‚Cause we have all been losers

I don’t wanna be laid down
No I don’t wanna die knowing
That I spent so much time when I was young
Just trying to be the winner

So I wanna make it clear now
I wanna make it known
That I don’t care about any of that shit no more

Don’t care about being a winner
Or being smooth with women
Or going out on Fridays
Being the life of parties
No, no more, no

There will always be someone worse than you
Sister don’t let it get to your head
‚Cause you won’t be on top of the world so long
In constant competition

This ain’t about no one in particular
But I could list a few
I’m removing myself from the queue …………

Robbie Williams

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